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 DropBox Support

I am excited to announce that RingClone now has DropBox support! Archiving your calls, messages, texts, and faxes with DropBox is a snap! All the features you are familiar with (such as file name templates, instant sub-folders, automatic user/date/ext/caller categorization) are now available with your DropBox account. If you are setting up RingClone for the first time (and want to use DropBox), follow these simple steps ...(read more)

 The Importance of Verification

"How do you know that your archiving solution is working, and that it is accurate?" One of RingClone's greatest features is it's ability to do a real-time, side-by-side comparison of live RingCentral data and RingClone's archived data. If compliance or legal issues are your concern, this gives you a level of confidence that other archiving ...(read more)

 Real-Time Archiving

One of RingClone's most powerful features is its ability to archive calls, texts, and faxes in real time. Under the hood, RingClone employs a powerful processing engine ...(read more)

 RingClone vs RingCentral Archiver – Which One to Use?

We often get asked what the differences are between RingClone and the RingCentral Archiver. There are several differences between the two apps, and there are several reasons that someone may choose one or the other. These choices usually come down to functionality, features, and cost. ...(read more)